Anywhere you can pan… you can use the HOG PAN.

Yes… it’s a “GOLD PAN” by definition… That was our goal.
All across the US, and in MANY countries around the world, more and more areas are being closed to ANY type of equipment other than a gold pan. Yes, in many areas even a stream sluice is illegal.


The problem?
Many of the richest gold deposits are also located there.  So we wanted to develop a product that could be used ANYWHERE… but still produce HUGE production rates.
In many of these areas 5 – 10 buckets can produce a gram of gold. Meaning the user of a HOGPAN™ can pay for it quickly, sometimes in just one day.

The HOGPAN allows you to work these areas and once again recover gold in GOOD amounts.

Please note…
While the HOGPAN is legally defined, sold, and patented as a GOLD PAN…
it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that it is legal within the areas they
are panning. Check your local laws. 

It is NOT a highbanker…
It is NOT a stream sluice…
It is NOT a classifier….
It is registered with the US Government Patent office as a GOLD PAN.
Its action is the same as other PANNING devices.
Unless your area has a written definition of “what is a gold pan”…. the ACT of PANNING is legal whether you do it with a PIE PLATE, a Pyrex pan, a plastic tub, a square pan, a round pan, a hexagon pan, pan with riffles, ridges, etc…..  it is still gold panning.

We provide a written statement / certificate that you can carry with you that reinforces this. Always be POLITE and COURTEOUS to all officials if questioned, the majority have never seen one.