First… it’s important for HOGPAN owners to understand the CORE function of the unit.
It is NOT a final processor; it is a washer / concentrator.

The HOGPAN will take UNCLASSIFIED material containing LARGE rocks, dirt, sand, etc, quickly wash this material, and leave you with a lesser amount of material that mainly has sub ¼” heavies, lights, and gold. Depending on your area, and the dirt washed, it will vary from about 1 cup to a full bottom tray per pan. It is NOT designed to work areas that are solid sands or made up of mostly fine material. 

You then empty the bottom tray into a bucket, and wash more dirt. 

You now have a bucket full of material that is ready for final processing.

It is NOT a finishing pan, highbanker, sluice, or other final concentrating step.

It QUICKLY produces classified, rich material that can now be processed.

The average person can wash down a 5 gallon bucket of raw material in about 2-4 minutes leaving them with a about a quart of material. It is the PERFECT tool for those working bedrock cracks as well. Fill the pan, wash, and move on. 

Remember… the bottom slots are NOT for exchanging out ALL the lights.  They are there to allow water to INFLOW first, and then drain. It is mainly there to help in settling and fluidization, not exchanging.

Video Owner’s Manual

User’s Guide will be added shortly.