A Note from Doc about the Cost, Construction, and Development

When the HOGPAN™ was going through its design and production phases we planned on having two versions, the “STANDARD” creek1version and the “PRO” version.  The STANDARD version was lighter weight / construction, made from either molded plastic or lighter weight metal and riveted rather than welded. It also was half the cost.  However, we were NOT comfortable standing behind the product.
The lighter weight versions just felt cheap and we knew that with heavy use it would eventually give or have failures.  Even though they would have retailed for half the cost, it’s hard to tell someone that just spent their hard earned money, “Sorry, you bought the crappy one.”  That’s NOT how we run our business nor our approach to products.  The other choice… have it produced overseas.  (NOT happening.) All our Gold Hog® products are made in the USA.

The PRO version…
We ONLY sell the PRO version of the HOGPAN™.  It is a BEAST that is virtually indestructible.  You can literally park your truck on it.  It is very expensive to make and there are close to 6 hours of labor put into each pan.  Here are just some of the features.

-          HEAVY 1/8th  (11 gauge / .125) hard aluminum.  Almost impossible to bend and cut.

-          Every seam is joined and tig welded by hand.

-          Heavy 1/4” steel grizzly bars, all handmade and tig welded.

-          Over 36 individual tig welds on each unit.

-          From beginning to end, each unit has roughly 6 hours of labor in it.

-          A full 5 year breakage warranty. If any of the welds break or fail, simply send it back.
We will repair and ship it back to you at no cost. (US customers)

The unit is designed for the serious prospector / miner /commercial op and is a professional piece of equipment.  It’s NOT the item for the person going out once a year to “have some fun”.   It’s a SUPER FAST concentrator designed to move 1000’s and 1000’s pounds of material and never fail.

Ordering is done here: GOLDHOG