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hogpan review


hog pan review


It’s NOT… just a “gold pan”…  

It’s a primary, high volume concentrator, for restricted areas or people needing to do do large sampling very quickly. It is used in combination with a finishing pan.  

After a LONG year of development… it’s finally come to life.  The HOGPAN™ – Patent Pending   The first hybrid gold pan / highbanker that is still a “gold pan” but increases production up to 10 fold.  Now prospectors can REALLY get good gold from areas with restrictions on equipment.  Self classifying, fluidized lower capture chamber, GOLDHOG

Gold Pan - HOGPAN

- Yes… it’s a legally a “gold pan”, but it processes and concentrates like full size
piece of equipment. Process 30+ buckets an hour.
- No motorized equipment of parts used.
- No, it’s not a stream sluice. It does not use the stream’s flow or stay in the water.
- Yes, it’s just as effective as a stream sluice, only faster.
- Yes, it catches super fine gold.
- Yes, it’s lightweight and portable. Weighs only 5.5 lbs.
- No, you’ll never have to classify material again.
- Yes, you can use in a tub of water if you’re in the desert or don’t have deep water.
(Try and run a stream sluice there.)
- Yes, it’s strong, almost indestructible.  We have tried and can’t damage it.
- Yes, it’s fast. Will concentrate a 5 gallon bucket down to about 1.5 cups in roughly 1-2 minutes. It’s REALLY fast.

Massively Strong… you simply can’t destroy it. 

Process and concentrate HUGE amounts of material.